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MDRTL Political Action Committees

Voting is both a privilege and a sacred duty. Please register to vote and exercise your right to vote in every election.

For the sake of the little ones, please vote pro-life.


Maryland Gubernatorial Election 2014           

Maryland Right to Life has surveyed candidates for state offices and charter county offices.  

Maryland's General Election will begin on October 23 with early voting.  Early voting ends on October 30 and the formal General Election Day will be on November 4.

If you are a candidate, do note that candidate surveys have been sent via the email address provided on the Board of Elections filing registration or sent to the address listed with the Board of Elections. Please return a completed survey to us in order to be considered for endorsement. If there are any questions or concerns, please contact MDRTL.

The MDRTL State and Federal PAC's endorsements are below.  Both PACs have a separate endorsement process for the General Election from the Primary Election.  In other words, candidates who were endorsed during the Primary Election would have to be endorsed separately for the General Election to accurately proclaim a MDRTL endorsement.

MDRTL will continue to review candidates throughout Maryland.  Additional endorsements may be made.

The following candidates have been endorsed by the Maryland Right to Life Federal or State PAC.  The order of candidates is by office: Congress, Statewide positions, State Senate, State House, and ending with charter county offices.


Office Sought District Candidate Name 
Congress 1 Andy Harris
Congress 5 Chris Chaffee
Congress 6 Daniel Bongino
Congress 7 Corrogan Vaughn
State Senate 4 Michael Hough
State Senate 7 J.B. Jennings
State Senate 9 Gail Bates
State Senate 22 Janice Fountaine
State Senate  25 Kory Boone
State Senate 27 Jesse Peed
State Senate 29 Roy Dyson
State Senate 31 Bryan Simonaire
State Senate 32 Ed DeGrange
State Senate 33 Ed Reilly
State Senate 34 Bob Cassilly
State Senate 35 Wayne Norman
State Senate 36 Stephen Hershey
State Senate 37 Addie Eckardt
State Senate 38 Michael McDermott


House of Delegates 1C Mike McKay
House of Delegates 2A Neil Parrott
House of Delegates 2A Andrew Serafini
House of Delegates 3A Victoria Wilkins
House of Delegates 3B William Folden
House of Delegates 4 Kathy Afzali
House of Delegates 4 Kelly Schulz
House of Delegates 4 David Vogt III
House of Delegates 5 Susan Krebs
House of Delegates 5 Justin Ready
House of Delegates 5 Haven Shoemaker
House of Delegates 6 Jake Mohorovic
House of Delegates 6 Bob Long
House of Delegates 6 Ric Metzgar
House of Delegates 7 Rick Impallaria
House of Delegates 7 Pat McDonough
House of Delegates 7 Kathy Szeliga
House of Delegates 8 John Cluster
House of Delegates 8 Norma Secoura
House of Delegates 9A Warren Miller
House of Delegates 10 William Newton
House of Delegates 11 Laura Harkins
House of Delegates 12 Gordon Bull
House of Delegates 13 Danny Eaton
House of Delegates 13 Jimmy Williams
House of Delegates 14 Sharon Begosh
House of Delegates 16 John Andrews
House of Delegates 21 Katherine Butcher
House of Delegates 27A Joe Crawford
House of Delegates 28 Jim Crawford
House of Delegates 28 John Ford (write-in candidate)
House of Delegates 29B Deb Rey
House of Delegates 30A Herb McMillan
House of Delegates 30B Seth Howard
House of Delegates 31B Nic Kipke
House of Delegates 31B Meagan Simonaire
House of Delegates 32 Ted Sophocleus
House of Delegates  32  Mark Chang 
House of Delegates  33  Tony McConkey 
House of Delegates  33  Sid Saab 
House of Delegates  33  Cathy Vitale 
House of Delegates  34A  Mike Blizzard 
House of Delegates  34A  Glen Glass 
House of Delegates  34B  Sue McComas 
 House of Delegates 35B  Teresa Reilly 
House of Delegates  35B  Andrew Cassilly 
House of Delegates 36 Jeff Ghrist
 House of Delegates 37B  Christopher Adams 
House of Delegates  38C  Mary Beth Carozza 
House of Delegates  39  Al Phillips 
House of Delegates 42B Sue Aumann
House of Delegates 46 Roger Bedingfield
County Executive Anne Arundel Steve Schuh
County Council Anne Arundel- 4 Chike Anyanwu
County Council Baltimore- 5 David Marks
County Executive Frederick Blaine Young
County Council Frederick-At Large Bud Otis
County Council Frederick- 1 Ellen Bartlett
County Council Frederick- 2 Tony Chmelik
County Council Frederick- 4  Robert Lawrence 
County Executive Harford Barry Glassman
County Council Harford- F Curtis Beulah
County Council Montgomery-At large Robert Dyer
County Council Montgomery- 4 John O'Malley




Paid for by the Maryland Right to Life Federal PAC, 420 Chinquapin Round Rd, Suite 2-I, Annapolis, MD 21401. Not authorized or approved by any candidate or candidate's committee


Paid for by the Maryland Right to Life State PAC.  Authority Dean Austin, Treasurer.  Not authorized or approved by any candidate or candidate's committee.



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