There are several ways citizens can help make a positive difference in the state of Maryland regarding pro-life issues.

1. Contact Your Legislators

State and national legislators can be urged by concerned citizens to support life-protecting legislation: personal visits, telephone calls, letter writing and rapid communication are all effective means when urging your elected representatives to support or oppose specific pieces of legislation.  You can learn more about how to contact your Maryland legislators here.

2. Submit Your Testimony

Do you have a compelling pro-life testimony to share? If so, we are always looking for people to submit written and/or verbal testimony to support pro-life legislation or help Maryland Right to Life oppose bills that destroy the sanctity of life.  Testimony is used during Maryland's General Assembly and both written and oral testimony comes from a variety of people: doctors, nurses, legal experts, medical specialists, and expert witness; like the regular citizen with a compelling and personal experience relating to the bill topic. 

Testimony topics include but are not limited to:

  • Dismemberment Abortion
  • Pain-Capable Unborn Children
  • Abortion Regulation for Minors
  • Abortion Reporting Statistics
  • Viability
  • End of Life Issues such as Physician Assisted Suicide
  • Fetal Homicide

If you'd like to submit written testimony for Maryland's General Assembly, you can email us here.  More information on submitting your testimony can be found here.


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