Changing Hearts, Saving Lives Campaign

We know a large national pro-choice group is asking their entire database to help raise $20,000 to support a notorious late-term abortionist to help protect his Maryland based-business to continue in this brutal abortion practice.

This cannot be allowed.

We've created a unique and time specific fundraising campaign to also raise $20,000 so that during this General Assembly and forward, we can strengthen our lobbying efforts - and work to prevent these doctors as well as all other abortionists from ever performing another abortion in this state.

Changing Hearts Campaign

Help us make it clear that Maryland will not allow our state to be a refuge for late-term abortionists to work nor we will allow highly funded groups to stop us from taking the needed steps to make abortion illegal in this state.

We have partnered with Network for Good for this campaign to help the ease of your donation process and to allow your to easily share the campaign via email or social media.

The site is safe and secure and 100% of the donations go directly to Maryland Right to Life, Inc.


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