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Maryland Election Information.

Maryland's next statewide election will be in 2018. Races for Governor, Attorney General, Comptroller, every State Senator, every State Delegate, and most local races will be on the ballot. Stay tuned for PAC decisions on those races in 2018.

People should have easy access to the information that can help them make important decisions when it comes to protecting life.

Even though Maryland is progressive state, a growing number of legislators, supported by an influential pro-choice grassroots movement, are making it increasingly difficult for women (and men) to feel supported in their pro-life choices.

These powerful voices would like the government to make sure that people use abortion as a form of birth control and prey on certain ethnic groups and zip codes no matter how much this harms families and our communities. Simply put, the government and title x health providers should not be selling abortions for their own financial gains. 

Maryland Right to Life is the primary resource to legislators in Annapolis on  life issues including abortion, healthcare, physician assisted suicide and education.

We lead a variety of chapters throughout the state that help with grassroots lobbying and educate locally and within state government.  We are able to provide first-hand perspectives on these issues because we work with and educate thousands of Marylanders every year.

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When there are listings of endorsed candidates, please view the financial information below.

Voting is both a privilege and a sacred duty. Please register to vote and exercise your right to vote in every election.  Please save lives and vote pro-life.

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