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You can be the difference maker in the fight to save future generations from abortion. Every child has unique gifts from God which enrich our world in ways not yet imagined. As a Legacy Society Member with Maryland Right to Life, you will help us build a culture of LIFE that cherishes and protects the preborn and most vulnerable as well.

We hope you will consider joining the Maryland Right to Life Legacy Society. The members are a group of dedicated supporters who have made a future financial commitment to provide a voice for the voiceless for years to come. Membership is easy. No immediate donation is necessary. You simply need to name Maryland Right to Life as a beneficiary in your will, trust, insurance policy, donor advised fund, or foundation. You can make your gift anonymous or, with your permission, we can publicly acknowledge your commitment.

Because of generous, forward-thinking donors like you, preborn children and the most vulnerable will have a strong and vocal advocate well into the future. Your personal legacy will save precious lives by helping us to advocate on their behalf and sustain our mission to recognize and protect the fundamental value of every human life. Your future financial contribution will make all the difference as we defend against a culture of death. Together we will instead promote life affirming legislation and education that will one day put an end to abortion as well as assisted suicide.

Maryland Right to Life is grateful for the numerous bequests we have received over the years from pro-life heroes just like you. Their memory lives on through planned giving that celebrates LIFE.

To learn more about how you can become a Legacy Society Member with Maryland Right to Life, please call us at 410 269-6397 or email info@mdrtl.org

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