Methods & Structure


MDRTL carries out its mission by: educating the public about all life issues, particularly abortion, euthanasia, infanticide, cloning, and embryonic stem cell research; lobbying Maryland’s state and federal legislators on issues that affect human life; and encouraging its members to take part in the political process to support the election of legislators who will work to protect human life. MDRTL works to change the law through peaceful, legal means. MDRTL chapters and chapter members may not encourage, promote, or engage in any unlawful activities, nor attend any meeting where it is known in advance that illegal activities will be planned or discussed.


Maryland Right to Life, Inc., the state affiliate of the National Right to Life Committee, is governed according to by-Laws adopted by its Board of Directors. MDRTL Board members represent the local chapters that make up the corporation and may include up to eight at-large directors chosen for their expertise in various fields. The MDRTL Board elects a President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer to oversee the work of the corporation and employs staff members to manage the day-to-day operations of the corporation

MDRTL Position Statements.

Staff members and chapter representatives must remember that they represent Maryland Right to Life when speaking to the press or the public. Although individuals may hold personal beliefs that differ from the stated positions of the organization, they must take care to express the Maryland Right to Life viewpoint accurately.


MDRTL believes that all human life—from conception to natural death—has inherent value and is entitled to protection under the law. Therefore MDRTL opposes infanticide, euthanasia, human cloning, embryonic stem cell research, and abortion (unless the mother's life is immediately threatened by the pregnancy, in which case we believe that all measures should be taken to save both lives).

Single Issue:

MDRTL wishes to remain open to all people, regardless of their position on other moral and political issues. Therefore MDRTL is a single-issue organization, concerned with innocent human life. We take no position on such issues as contraception, the death penalty, or war.


MDRTL is not affiliated with any religious organization. Members of all faiths (or none) are encouraged to join and take an active part in MDRTL.

Illegal Activities:

MDRTL has as its policy that its “directors, officers, employees, agents, or any person or entity acting in its name or in concert with it, shall not encourage, promote or engage in any unlawful activities related to the purposes of Maryland Right to Life.”

Fetal Experimentation:

In accordance with its stand against abortion, MDRTL opposes any use of fetal tissue that has been procured through abortion.

Stem Cell Research:

MDRTL encourages ethical medical research intended to develop cures and improve lives, but we believe it is misguided to seek medical treatments at the expense of human life. We oppose any type of medical research that involves the deliberate destruction of human embryos.


In accordance with its pro-life stand, MDRTL believes that every human being deserves full protection under the law at from the very beginning and should not be subjected to harmful experimentation. Accordingly, MDRTL supports a ban on all human cloning.


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